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Fifth and Sixth Grades

fifth_sixth_grade-272x300Fifth and sixth grade students have daily religion, mathematics, and language arts. The language arts curriculum has a combination of guided reading, reading whole class novels, and independent reading. They have quarterly book reports that are fun and creative. Grammar, spelling, and writing are included the language arts time block.

Students have daily math where they are learning algebra and geometry skills. They are also learning basic statistics and probability are also learned. They use some hands on manipulatives that support mathematical concepts. The students learn how to draw diagrams to help organize information.

Fifth and Sixth grade students have science and social studies in the afternoons. Science consists of many labs and hands-on activities to model concepts being taught. The scientific method is emphasized in these grades and thinking like a scientist is taught in all grades. Students in fifth and sixth grades start learning note-taking skills in science and social studies.

Fifth and Sixth graders start to use more technology in the classroom. A classroom IPAD is used daily.

Fifth and Sixth grade students look forward to a four-day outdoor educational field trip in a loving, Christian environment.