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Third and Fourth Grades

third_fourth_grades-162x300Third and fourth grade students continue to build on the skills the students previously gained in the younger grades. They learn religion, memory, language arts, math, handwriting, social studies, and science.

Third and Fourth grade students increase their fluency and comprehension skills by reading many books. They have guided reading along with their own independent reading where they create very engaging book reports based on their independent reading levels. Students continue to improve their writing skills by composing from a variety of genres.

Students have daily mathematics with a wide range of hands-on materials to help strengthen their skills and deepen their understanding. Some skills learned are multiplication, division, graphing, and algebraic concepts.

Third and Fourth graders learn cursive handwriting which the students are excited about.

Third and Fourth graders look forward to their overnight field trip to Pioneer Camp where they are pioneers for over 24 hours!